Long Grain Co. Ltd. reveals cutting edge mill as it completes construction

A decade in the making, but one that will revolutionise the rice industry for generations to come. Long Grain Co. Ltd. has unveiled its industry leading new mill having invested $9 million into its construction. 

Measuring more than 68,809 sq metres, the mill features cutting edge technologies such as milling, whitening, polishing, grading and sorting equipment and modern packing facilities. Such investment means that every step of the grains journey from handling, processing, milling, storage through to the distribution to our customers adheres to the latest safety requirements. We also have pioneering assurance systems in place so that from the moment the product leaves the paddy fields through to the minute it is ready to leave the mill; each grain of rice is quality checked for perfection.  

We’ve spent a great deal of time creating a working environment that our team not only enjoy working in but one that can handle the rising demand for Cambodian rice. As a result, we estimate that we will be able to mill in the region of 30,000 tonnes of rice each year. 

More so, what this mill represents is our commitment to building a better future for our farming family. We’re about transparency, sustainability, ethical working practices and empowering our community to make positive changes for generations to come.