Our Mission – To enhance the industry and build a better future

Every stage of the process from handling, processing, storage through to the distribution to our customers adheres to the latest safety requirements and, as a result, we produce the highest quality rice. 

We’re proud to be doing the right thing. It underpins every part of our business from our land acquisition, the construction of our mill, how we source and sell our product through to how we connect with the local community.  

We are respectful of the farmers and locals who have embraced our vision and we will always remain committed to open, transparent business practices for all. Similarly, innovation and philanthropy will always be at our core and we believe that our growth and successes should be felt and enjoyed by all in the farming family. 

As such, our first charitable commitment is to a cause, close to our own hearts and one that is working hard to remedy a significant issue faced by many. More than 180,000 Cambodians are blind, yet 90 per cent of blindness is avoidable, 79 per cent is curable and 11 per cent is preventable. We’re honoured to be supporting the pioneering work of the Khmer Sight Foundation – a foundation co-founded by Sean – who is working tirelessly to train the next generation of eye care professionals in a bid to eliminate avoidable sight loss. 

Looking further ahead, we hope to be in a position where we can build a local school as we firmly believe that education will be the key to long-term change. 

One thing’s for sure, we will always remain committed to improving the farming family and empowering it to build a better future. 

Our Values – Ethically and fairly is the only way to work

We believe the only impact we should make, be it to our local community, our customers, or our planet should be a positive one.

Rightly so, people are becoming increasingly more interested in responsible sourcing, sustainability, and provenance. Now – more than ever – integrity is key. That’s why we have installed an open book pricing structure for all our farmers to benefit from. We also understand we have a duty to work hard to conserve and protect our environment, making sure we give back more than we take from it.

Our goal will always be that we are an environmentally and socially sustainable company who operates ethically and fairly because, ultimately, it’s the right – and only – thing to do.