Our Vision

Our ambition was to build a mill of the future to not only underpin and drive the value of grain; but one that focused on improving the quality of rice for our customers. We’re confident our mill is industry leading in Cambodia. We have pioneering assurance systems in place so that from the moment the product leaves the paddy fields through to the minute it is ready to leave the mill; each grain of rice is quality checked for perfection.

Quality aside, our biggest ambition and greatest goal was to make the industry more transparent and sustainable. Our vision was to create a step-change in the industry which would lead to the local community being empowered to make positive change for themselves.

Our mill is at the centre of the farming heartland. We work with and employ in the region of 200 local people and we’re very respectful of that. We’ve spent a lot of time listening, feeling inspired, learning how to respond and building relationships. As a result, we’re not just part of the supply chain, we’re part of the farming community of Cambodia and in essence the Long Grain Co. family has been born.

But with that comes responsibility. And so, we’re committed to improving the wellbeing of our community and their future and, ultimately making a difference is at the heart of everything we do.


Quality Process

With a very strict and state of the art quality assurance system in place and quality control being done at each level of production, we make sure that each grain comes under the scanner before it reaches your plate. From sourcing at the fields, the best grain quality and varieties are selected and transported freshly to our processing facility.

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Grain Variety

To cater to different types of consumers and for varied purposes, we have a range of rice products belonging to both premium fragrance, long grain varieties. Sourced from fields across Cambodia, it gives our customers a wider choice of grains.